Elizabeth Krumbach (princessleia2) wrote,
Elizabeth Krumbach

Ubuntu Classroom Needs Volunteers

Ubuntu Classroom

Now that all of us have “recovered” from the busy Hardy release, we’re prepared to get back to work on the Classroom Project.

The idea of the Classroom Project is to provide a place for teams and individuals to:

  1. Host their classes
  2. Promote their classes

Classes range from teaching users how to use Ubuntu to teaching them how to contribute back to the project.

The Classroom team itself focuses on a variety of tasks that are required for managing the joining of expert teachers and students, such as contacting interested teams, doing marketing and confirming that conflicts don’t come up. This is where you come in. Following our last meeting (meeting minutes here) we’re having a discussion on the mailing list regarding the defining of tasks, and have created a volunteers page aggregating these tasks, along with a place to sign up:


Please join us! Or drop a note to our mailing list if you’re part of a project that wants to get involved in holding classes with us.

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